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AA&C is a wholly indigenous company that provides total engineering, procurement, project management and construction services to the oil and gas industries with distinctive but seasoned capabilities in the design and execution of offshore and onshore projects.

AA&C specializes in providing engineering services to assist our Clients in constructing Pipeline Systems, Tanks, Pump Stations, Fuel storage facilities, Field gathering and Production facilities in Onshore and Offshore Fields.

In Pre-commissioning and Commissioning areas of oil and gas production, we have distinguish ourselves effectively in service delivery to our clients: a major indication of this has been our ability to Design, Construct, Repair and use our own pumps to execute this special service.

These capacities have given us Service value and unequalled confidence in providing our clients with highest quality service at very competitive prices.

We have locally but competitively designed and constructed to standard specification, various state of the art Oil and Gas construction equipments ranging from Lay barges, A-frame, Storage tanks, Pre-commissioning equipments e.g. (High Pressure Pumps, Flooding Pumps and Pigging Pumps), e.t.c.

AA&C have designed, constructed and commissioned Shallow water pipe lay barge with a capacity to lay pipelines from 2” - 30” OD.

With seasoned experience in pipeline construction, especially in Swamp to Onshore terrains; AA&C have designed & built to standard, 6 units of 30 Tons Capacity A-Frame units for lifting of pipelines during water borne pipeline construction works.

We are specialized in the design, construction and reconditioning of various types of pumps ranging from: Multi stage: Centrifugal and Single stage pumps.
These locally assembled pumps have been synonymous with reliability to cater for the increasing market demands.
Nigeria Limited proudly trained over 100 Personnel in areas of:

  • Design Engineering
  • Fitting
  • Welding (GTAW and SMAW)
  • Quality Control
  • Rigging
  • Equipment Use and Maintenance
  • Safety Management
  • General Project Management

These achievements have and will continue to enable and fully utilize the targeted improvement of local manpower capacity building, thereby reducing and eventually eliminate:

  1. Importation of manpower into the country
  2. Improvement in Provision of Jobs and standard of living of Nigerians from the reduction in 1 above

    With corresponding added value in:

  3. Optimum utilization of Indigenous companies capacity in areas of manpower and equipment.
  4. Increase in Gross Domestic product, thus enabling us to earn a stable economy to do business.

Generally, AA&C was able to achieve the following targets via the engagement and provision of opportunities to the Local communities.

  • Creation of Jobs
  • Registration and full participation of local Contractors on the EGTL scope.
  • Utilization of 100% Nigerian manpower, resources and material
  • Value addition in-country i.e. Training of over 100 Personnel in welding, fitting, grinding rigging and Quality Control.
  • Recommendation to enhance development of trained young Nigerians to Oil and Gas Companies.
  • Building of capacity in skill acquisition and technology transfer.
  • Economic Security